Ms. Asuki. Ms. Asuki. We... can't free you yet. But someday... I swear... One day... Someone will come along who can truly save you!

Momoki, FILE: 13 Channeled II

Funetaro Momoki is one of the protagonists of ID:INVADED. A former colleague and friend of Akihito Narihisago with old ties to and a personal investment in the mystery of Kiki Asukai, he is the director of the Wellside, the Kura division that operates the Mizuhanome System and analyses id wells.


Momoki is a fairly tall man with grey eyes and short, somewhat spiked dark blue hair with a prominent cowlick. He generally wears a black suit, a grey waistcoat, an off purple shirt, and grey tie.


Firm, yet empathetic, Momoki is a man above all else dedicated to his job as a police officer. Though generally stern in his demeanor, he is by no means unfriendly, effectively managing the Wellside as they gather data from id wells. Far from clinical, Momoki is shown to occasionally indulge in his more base curiosities, continuing to observe Nahoshi Inami's id well even after the case had already been closed, sensing the underlying emotion and symbolism it held. He also has a tendency to become hyper-focused on specific cases and issues he is more personally invested it, such as the mystery of John Walker and the disappearance of Kiki Asukai, the latter of which he continued to personally investigate even years afterwards.

Above all else, Momoki is driven by his compassion for others, believing that as an officer it is his duty to save people, refusing to kill Asukai or allow her to kill herself, promising that she would be saved one day. He also continued an amicable relationship with Narihisago, a contrast to Kokuryu Matsuoka's decision to completely shun the disgraced officer, often talking with him after dives and encouraging him to try and better himself.



  • The name Funetaro means "boat, ship, vessel" (船) (fune), "thick, big" (太) (ta) and "son" (郎) (ro).
    • Funetaro's surname Momoki means "hundred" (百) (momo) and "valuable" (貴) (ki).
    • Momoki's name is erroniously translated as "Hunetaro Momonki" on the official website.[1]



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