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Id wells, also referred to as "The World of Killing" in promotional materials, are a core concept of ID:INVADED.

Id wells are constructs based on a person's unconscious mind, their "id", specifically their instinctive drive to kill, when formed by the Mizuhanome System. The state of one's "id" determines the structure and form of an id well. Thus, id wells are used by the Kura to determine the identities of suspects in homicide cases.

To gather more information, Kura sends a "brilliant detective" inside an id well to work in conjunction with the "Wellside" outside and reveal critical information about the case.


Id wells are created based on "cognition particles" detected by a wakumusubi. Kura looks for cognition particles at crime scenes that indicate a drive to kill. These particles are then fed into the Mizuhanome, and an id well is created.

No two wells are alike, as every mental state of a person is different. Furthermore, preexisting id wells update when fresher cognition particles are scanned again.

The one consistent element inside every id well is Kaeru. Kaeru is always deceased prior to the brilliant detective's arrival, but their memory and purpose is restored partially upon witnessing Kaeru's face. By motivating the detective to solve the mystery behind Kaeru's death, the Wellside gathers information from the world around them that's then used to identify and arrest suspects. The Wellside is also important as it is their observation of the brilliant detective that ensures that time flows at the same rate in both worlds.

Kiki Asukai's id well

Once a brilliant detective comes into existence, the respective pilot's id well automatically updates to feature a Mizuhanome cockpit, with each of them linking to Kiki Asukai's id well. Should the brilliant detective dive in, they will appear in an identical copy of the real world shortly before their first murder. The only known way of leaving this id well is for an outside party to eject them, thus requiring at least two brilliant detectives to enter the initial id well. However, because it is impossible for the second brilliant detective to view the ejected one, time between the two wells will quickly desync, to the point where a few minutes in the original one could be months in Asukai's.

List of Major Id Wells

Owner Description Id well
Tamostu Fukuda Tamostu Fukuda's id well appears as a vast, suburban area that has been broken into countless pieces, all of which float in an endless, white void. However, there still exists a form of gravity, as seen when Sakaido falls through the floor. People Fukuda knows also live here, most noticeably his victims and John Walker, the latter of whom is feared by everyone else in the id well, a reflection of Fukuda's own fear. Like their surroundings, these people are also broken, with various sections of their bodies missing, including a representation of Fukuda himself.

The various pieces floating around the id well can be reassembled. Doing so leaves large empty spaces that spell out words of some significance to Fukuda, such as the name of a shop he's looking at, even copying the perspective that he views them from. However, the pieces will eventually repel each other, suggesting that the broken state is the id well's natural state of being, much like the mind it spawns from.

After Fukuda becomes a brilliant detective, his well updates to feature a Mizuhanome cockpit, which, like everything else, is in pieces.

Kaeru, like everyone else, is broken, having been stabbed in the chest. However, Fukuda initially hides in her corpse from John Walker, giving the impression she is whole. Her right eye also seems to be missing, a deep hole in its place.

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Koharu Hondomachi Hondomachi's id well is formed when she forces Fukuda's drill through her head, registering her suicidal intent as the drive to kill. Her id well is an uneven, barren wasteland with a thick fog and dark skies. Most noticeable are the large drills descending from the sky and burrowing into the ground.

In this id well, Kaeru hangs from a tree, her shoes neatly placed before her, having killed herself.

Koji Fuyukawa  Fuyukawa's id well is that of a large, rotating stone pillar surrounded by a massive waterfall on all sides. At the very top of the waterfall is a sun that provided a constant source of light.

Hiding somewhere within the waterfall was a sniper, who would slowly kill all of the seventy-five people within, all of whom were randomly generated people created from the faces of soldiers Huyukawa knew. The Pyrotechnician himself is among the crowd, encouraging everyone else to keep running while he gleefully watches from a safe position.

Kaeru is always the first person killed, starting the initial panic, though she attempts to point in the direction of her attacker as she dies.

Genpei Oono  Oono's id well consists of two enormous, parallel apartment complexes, both on fire, floating in a dark, cloudy sky. Connecting the two complexes are multiple shipping containers, which extend into and move between the two structures. Random explosions are common. Oono and Keiko Kikuchi inhabit the upper apartment spaces.

Kaeru's body is located in one of the apartments, having been scorched, then moved to its present location.

Burning Buildings.png
Haruka Kazuta  Kazuta's id well is set above the clouds in a large expansive sky, with the only noticeable feature being a floating house and a garden with a well and tree. Inside this house is a representation of Inami, who appears as a young girl with shifting facial features and a distorted voice. Kazuta himself attempts to fight John Walker to protect her, but he is instead bisected and has his left arm cut off, and ends up hanging off the well, though he is still alive. John Walker then prowls the garden, killing any that step out.

Kaeru is located in the house having been stabbed, both her and a pool of blood floating mid-air.

Floating Building.png
Nahoshi Inami  Inami's id well is a copy of the train in which her mother committed suicide. The train's first and last carriages are connected, ensuring that the train will never reach its destination. In the train, there are dead bodies and in one of the train compartments, Kaeru's dead body is sitting with a knife near her and there are Inami and Kazuta as they appeared when they were younger travelling in the train. Outside the train, there is one stop where all Inami's victims are present, standing in order of their death. Hiding amidst the forest is John Walker. Circled id.png
Akihito Narihisago  Akihito's id well is a stormy wasteland consisting of multiple giant boards with numbered tiles on them. The board explored by Miyo Hijiriido and Anaido has thirty-five people on it; Narihisago's family members, relatives, former classmates, etc. Nearby on a rock is a Mizuhanome cockpit, an exact copy of the one used to enter the id well.

The id well is in a constant lightning storm, however, the lightning strikes every 9.03 seconds, and never strike the same tile twice, revealing its artificial nature.

Later, Anaido and Sakaido explore the end-stage of the id well, under the belief that it belongs Hunetaro Momoki. Though the storms and lightning have vanished, the sand dunes have grown exponentially, hiding the tiles underneath. The sun also doesn't move, always fixed at its zenith.

Takuhiko Hayaseura  Hayaseura's id well is a dark, warped, seemingly endless space illuminated by an unknown light source. Littered across the landscape are countless masks of every serial killer to have ever visited Asukai's dreams. Should these masks be worn, that person's id well can then be explored. People can leave these replica id wells by teleporting back to the main id well. This type of id well is said to have resulted because of Hayaserua's repeated forays into Asukai's mind.

Kaeru is also in the id well, having apparently been stabbed by Uraido before he woke up. It's unknown if another brilliant detective would have also been her killer had they woken up first.

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