Well, sorry to disappoint anyone who came here just to see me die! 'Cause I'm gonna survive this! I'll show you! I'll hang on until someone comes and saves me! So just you watch!

Kikuchi, FILE: 04 Extended

Keiko Kikuchi was a character in ID:INVADED. She was trapped inside a barrel and left to die by Genpei Oono, her former neighbor and a copy-cat killer inspired by "the Gravedigger".


Kikuchi is seen wearing her school uniform as a teenager leading up to her death. In Genpei Oono's id well, she wears a pink sweater and a small red headband rested vertically.


Kikuchi is a kind and gentle girl who also has a fiery determination. In Genpei Oono's id well, she is calm and willing to trust strangers, as seen with her interactions with Sakaido. In the real world when trapped in a barrel, she is more than happy to prove wrong those who came to see her die. Regardless, her optimism isn't limitless, as she started to have negative thoughts on why no one would rescue her.



  • The name Keiko means "Japanese Judas-tree" (桂) (kei) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Keiko's surname Kikuchi means "chrysanthemum" (菊) (kiku) and "pool, pond" (池) (chi).



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