To think other people are looking at a part of my mind that I don't know and going in and out of it. That sounds fun.

Hondomachi, FILE: 03 Sniped

Koharu Hondomachi is one of the protagonists of ID:INVADED. She assists Kokuryu Matsuoka in tracking down serial killers in the field. After multiple incidents involving Tamotsu Fukuda and Haruka Kazuta, she is recruited as a part-time Mizuhanome pilot, assuming the guise of Brilliant Detective Miyo Hijiriido when inside id wells.


Hondomachi is a petite young woman with short black hair and pink eyes.

She wears a black suit, pencil skirt and tights, a grey blouse and a pink tie; she also wears a flower pin in her hair to keep her bangs in place. When out in the field, she often wears a black backpack.

During FILE: 02 Jigsawed II, Hondomachi receives a hole on right side of her head, mirroring Fukuda's, although it's often covered by her bangs and it's unclear whether or not there is an accompanying exit hole.


Despite her young age and relative inexperience, Hondomachi is a highly driven, highly proactive individual. Though respectful to her superiors, she has little to no issue acting on her own if she feels it's what's right. Appropriately, she is exceptionally confident, rarely showing any doubt or regret over her choices, maintaining composure and even showing defiance when captured by Tamotsu Fukuda. Extremely analytical, she was able to use Akihito Narihisago's unfinished notes, along with information provided by Fukuda, to deduce John Walker's identity. She is also quite a curious, inquisitive person, marvelling at the Mizhanome and the nature of id wells.

However, these surface-level traits are just shades of the darker, more unsettling aspects of her personality. Her curiosity can at times veer into morbidity, remaining interested in becoming a brilliant detective even after Matsuoka's warnings and having admitted to finding death interesting. Additionally, her driven proactivity can manifest reckless, almost suicidal ways, attempting to kill herself when captured by Fukuda. After having her head drilled through, her behaviour becomes even more unstable, though it's unclear exactly how much the injury affected her. Most noticeable is during the Gravedigger case when she murdered Haruka Kazuta; though it was done in self-defence, she's implied to have taken pleasure in his death, with the incident resulting in her being reluctantly recommended as a Mizuhanome pilot by Matsuoka, who had come to fear what Hondomachi could become.



  • The name Koharu means "small" (小) (ko) and "spring" (春) (haru), which makes a compound word (小春) meaning "late summer" altogether.
    • Both Hondomachi and Narihisago have kanji relating to the seasons in their given names; spring/summer and autumn respectively.
  • Koharu's surname Hondomachi means "main hall, nave, main temple building" (本堂) (hondo) and "" (町) (machi).



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